Our workshops programme facilitates learning about our skills, visions and processes, inspiring young generations to create media art experiences.

We believe in democratising and demystifying media-arts, so we design workshops to share our expert creative skills particularly aimed to young practitioners and Neurodiverse artists, in the form of Workshops and Masterclasses. Currently available: Introduction to media performances, Interactive visuals, XR body-tracking techniques, XR Performance Design Methods, Integrating tech in costumes, Reconnecting with Creativity and Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research.

2023/09 Co-created Media Performance @ Shenley Brook-End School (In-person) 2023/09 Co-created Coding Workshop @ Institute of Technology College (In-person) 2021/11 Media Performances Masterclass @ Shanghai Theatre Academy (Online) 2021/07 Media Performances Masterclass @ Art in Flux & Bournemouth University (Online) 2021/06 Body Tracking Technologies @ Espronceda Institute (Barcelona, ES) 2021/05 Interactive Generative Visuals @ Espronceda Institute (Online) 2020/11 Interactive Generative Visuals @ South East Creatives / SPACE (Online) 2020/11 Collaborative Media Performance @ South East Creatives / SPACE (Online)