An interdisciplinary project, researching how live performance and interactive technology can induce altered states of consciousness.

A multisensory media theatre piece, inducing altered states through a combination of shamanistic ritual practice and experimental technologies. Transcendence takes its audience on a journey through mind and spirit, altering perception through interactive lights and visuals, 3D sound design, dance, live vocals, character design, scents and cacao. It draws inspiration from the far edges of human consciousness, the latest scientific research and ancient spiritual practices.

2021/09 Art in Flux @ The National Gallery x (London, UK) 2020/02 Immensiva Festival @ Espronceda Institute (Barcelona, ES) 2019/10 Translate @ Village Underground (Lisbon, PT) 2019/09 Art residency @ Watermans Arts Centre (London, UK) 2019/08 Breaking convention @ Greenwich University (London, UK) 2018/05 Splice Festival @ Rich Mix Theatre (London, UK) 2018/06 Art in Flux @ Ugly Duck (London, UK) 2018/07 EVA Conference @ British Computer Society (London, UK) 2017/07 Breaking Convention @ Greenwich University (London, UK)

Direction Maria Almena Tech. direction Nestor Rubio Photographers Sophie Le Roux, Ilya Falchevsky Production Jelica Obician, Liz de Fleur Tech. assistant Terry Clark Sound design Jose Macabra Costume design Maria Almena MUA & Headpieces Susana Rodero (Kimatica) Choreographers Tania Soubry, Barbara Pugliese Vocalists Barbara Pugliese, Barbora Patkova, Matilda Rose Performers Mark Carberry, Bianca Darkwoods, Barbora Patkova, Matilda Rose Shaman Anthea Durand Fire pit Joana Palma


With a renewed scientific interest in the positive effect of altered states, this project contributes to the wider global research by working with a team of psychologists, neuroscientists, technologists and artists. We are responding to the existential crisis and the loss of spirituality and connection in Western culture by creating contemporary rituals that enhance interconnectedness. Our vision is to create a network of specialists in art, therapy and technology who can co-create transformative experiences and redefine immersive therapies for the coming years.