An immersive ritualistic experience that invites audiences to explore human connectedness

A Neo-pagan performative experience inspired by Celtic mythology, animism concepts and futuristic aesthetics, aiming to strengthen the group’s unity, and its connection, by encouraging and rewarding collective interactions and immersion.¬†Visuals are generated through interactive procedural systems inspired by the forces of nature such as magnetism and fluids, intending to deepen our connection to the natural elements. This experience ponders on the modern-day quest for meaningful interactions, fostering new connections and reminding us that we all humans share a common longing for meaningful relations, transcending language and culture.

Concept, direction, costumes, sculpture Maria Almena Tech direction, software Nestor Rubio Commissioned by Art House Jersey Production Natasha Dettman & JP Le Blond (Art House Jersey) Sound design Jose Macabra Sponsors Jersey Heritage, Skipton International Choreographer Carolyn Rose Ramsay Dancers Ombline, Reece, Anna from Ballet'd Jersey Photographers Rebecca Le Brun, Ben Young Assistants Kaya Vogel, Rachel Jerwicks Consultants Susana Rodero, Amy Statik Venue Jersey Maritime Museum

Ritual Performance

We performed a closing ritual as the finale of our art experience. Exploring the depths of human connection and inner wisdom, we weaved together Celtic ritual mythology with contemporary dance and real-time interactive visuals. We created a ritualistic journey of transmutation, delving into the mysteries of the natural forces and human existential quests, guided by the sacred symbolism of The Totem. This performance celebrated the profound power of collective conscious presence and contemporary rituals design methodologies.