A series of media performances, weaving shamanistic elements and pioneering tracking technology into radical new contemporary rituals.

Reflecting on the absence of spiritual connection in Western society, we have created these series of contemporary rituals to get us back in touch with our emotions, our spirit and the collective unconscious.


Our first performance, premiered at Stockholm Fringe Festival in 2012, featured at Kinetica Art Fair and won Best Performance at Winter Pride Art Awards. This piece combines interactive body mapping with trance-dance techniques to evoke the hypnotic, uneasy space of psychedelic consciousness.

2021/09 Deeep AI Art Fair @ Curtain Road Gallery (London, UK) 2020/02 Immensiva Festival @ Espronceda Institute (Barcelona, SP) 2015/10 Kinetica Art Show @ Stubnitz (London, Uk) 2014/11 Winter Pride Uk @ Findhrr (London, UK) 2013/02 Kinetica Art Fair @ Kinetica Museum (London, UK) 2013/10 Modern Panic Show @ Guerilla Zoo (London, UK) 2012/08 Stockholm Fringe @ Kulturhuset Stockholm (Stockholm, SE)

Performance Maria Almena Visuals Nestor Rubio Sound Artichoke Photos Susana Sanroman and Elena Brea


A ritualistic media performance expressing deep primordial emotion, premiered at Kinetica Art Fair in 2015. We collaborated with live violinist Taka Mukai and vocalist Assia Ghendir, to improvise the interplay between light, music and movement, opening a space for hidden shadow emotions to rise to the surface and be transformed.

2018/10 Halloween public party @ Theo Bassanto Agency (Sardinia, IT) 2017/10 Halloween private party @ HomeHouse Members Club (London, UK) 2016/10 Halloween private party @ Julia Charles Event Management. (London, UK) 2015/11 Dance Macabre @ Schloss Heinrichshorst Castle (Germany, GR) 2015/10 Torture Garden @ Coronet Theatre (London, UK) 2014/02 Kinetica Art Fair @ Truman Brewery (London, UK)

Direction Maria Almena Visuals Nestor Rubio Sound Takatsuna Mukai & Assia Ghendir Performance Leffe Krumlove & Maria Almena

Simulacrum VR

Exploring the META identity of a media performance and created in collaboration with artist Eva Sbaraini, these performative sculptures captured a scene from our “Simulacrum” show through photogrammetry, transforming it first into a VR art piece and second into a 3D printed sculpture. The performer is in a relaxed meditative position wearing our iconic multi-faced headpiece that captures the subtlety of deep human emotions, inspiring the audience to connect with their inner world.