A dynamic interplay of sound, visuals and the human body, co-created through the audience’s movement in real time.

Tate Museum commissioned this artwork in 2016. An interactive digital installation encouraging movement, play and connection with emotional and magical aspects of the human body. The audience is invited to take a journey through the states of relaxation and release, immersed in visuals and sounds generated by our real-time motion tracking technology.

The more participants explore the interactive possibilities, the more visual and sonic reward they receive. The artistic outcome of every showcase is an original media art piece entirely created by the audience themselves.

2020/02 Llum BCN Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) 2019/11 Theatre of light Get Living (London, UK) 2019/09 Digital Weekender Watermans Arts Centre (London, UK) 2019/07 Event Two Royal College of Arts / Art in Flux (London, UK) 2019/06 Festival of Light Ariel (Jerusalem, Israel) 2019/04 Athens Science Festival British Council (Athens, Greece) 2018/10 Lightwaves Quays Culture (Manchester, UK) 2018/08 Private Immersive Cult (Mumbai, India) 2018/06 Oceanic x Ibiza Oceanic Global (Ibiza, Spain) 2017/01 Art Gym Tate Museum (Liverpool, UK) 2016/09 Illuminate Bamboo events (London, UK)

Sound Reactive

The British Council commissioned us to create an even more immersive new version of Relax & Release for their 80th anniversary at the Athens Science Festival. We collaborated with 3D generative sound artists Magik Door to design reactive sounds that could be integrated with our real-time visuals. Inspired by the states of relaxation and release, both sound and visuals respond differently depending on the nature and speed of the audience’s movement.

Display Options

The piece works seamlessly in different contexts, from small and intimate indoor spaces to large-scale outdoor walls. At Jerusalem’s Festival of Light we used 4 sensors to produce a 12m wide interactive area and 5 large scale projectors to cover a 50m x 11m display area.