A research project funded by Arts Council England to create a series of augmented reality ritual performances.

We translated our performances into augmented reality (AR) experiences, developing new software tools and working with scientists and therapists. Using ritual design as a framework, these series of ritual performances promote embodiment, interconnectedness and connection to the self. The characters are representing light and shadow archetypes, exploring the collective unconscious and dream-like states. The AR real-time visuals represent natural elements and respond to the performer’s movement and the colours in the scene.

Concept artist Maria Almena Technical direction Nestor Rubio Documentary Elephant Room Productions Mentors Ghislaine Boddington, Kinda Studios Performers Semilla Mingrone, Ezejiel Monjes MUA & Stylist Marco Punk


We created an open source and low-cost 360 recording and tracking system that digitises a live performance scene in real-time. The digitised scene allows us to integrate virtual elements and effects within the video, opening new possibilities for mixed reality real-time public interaction. We wove together interconnected realities to offer innovative ways of telling our story and experiencing performances.