Our educational programme offers our skills, visions and processes, inspiring others to create media art experiences.

Our lectures, workshops and masterclasses allow us to share unique insights into our creative process, skills and areas of expertise. We are committed to inspiring audiences and new generations, and to making media arts accessible to all.

Workshops & Master Classes

We design workshops to share our expert creative skills¬† including: Introduction to media performances, interactive visuals, body-tracking, multidisciplinary research and integrating tech in costumes. Also, we’ve created masterclasses to share our unique methodology when creating media performances and interactive installations.

2021/11 Media Performances Masterclass@ Shanghai Theatre Academy (Online) 2021/07 Media Performances Masterclass@ Art in Flux & Bournemouth University (Online) 2021/06 Body Tracking Technologies@ Espronceda Institute (Barcelona, ES) 2021/05 Interactive Generative Visuals@ Espronceda Institute (Online) 2020/11 Interactive Generative Visuals@ South East Creatives & Space (Online) 2020/11 Collaborative Media Performance@ South East Creatives & Space (Online)

Lectures & Talks

We offer talks and lectures about our research and areas of expertise such as media performances, generative visuals, mixed reality performances, media arts and health, transcendence art and body tracking. So far we’ve been invited to speak at several art institutions and universities such a The National Gallery, V&A museum, Greenwich University, Art Futura, National Gallery, Central Saint Martins University, Espronceda Institute, Bournemouth University and Kinetica art fair amongst others.