An augmented reality performance exploring the mystical experiences represented at the National Gallery Collection

This live AR enhanced performance was a continuation of the research project Metaverse Divinations. The National Gallery commissioned us to translate the mystical experiences represented at their collection into a contemporary performance. We drew on the latest research in social psychology and neuroesthetics to inform its design. Creating a hybrid performance that would foster a sense of awe and wonder, promoting introspection and human interconnection.

We fused modern interactive technologies with ancient ritual practices. Our real-time body-tracking AR system powered the performance, featuring live vocals by Barbarella and 360 spatial sound by Jose Macabra.

This performance follows the discoveries on our Transcendence research project. A video of the performance and a new digital artwork were featured in the Transformations virtual exhibition, highlighting its hybrid nature.

Direction Maria Almena Technical direction Nestor Rubio Technical assistant Terry Clark Sound artist Jose Macabra Vocalist Barbarella Performers Barbarella, Byuka Makeup Susana Rodero