An ongoing exploration into time-space distortion and body perception using generative visuals and movement.

Robert Hodgin’s experiments with depth sensors inspired this collection of digital mirrors, designed to explore self-perception with the human body linking physical and digital spaces.

Echo Mirror

Commissioned by Watermans Arts Centre, these digital mirrors are a portal where past and present meet, inviting the audience to explore the space-time dimension in a playful and engaging way.

2021/11 Digital Weekender Festival @ Watermans Arts Centre (London, UK) 2021/12 Private party @ Homehouse Members Club (London, UK)

Reflections on the Self

Our first digital mirror, funded by the Barbican Arts Centre, uses a tracking camera and generative visuals to present the audience with an increasingly distorted digital image of themselves. This piece creates an uneasy balance between reality and imagination, asking the audience to reflect on their own image and sense of self.

2018/12 NYE party @ Sketch Restaurant (London, UK) 2017/05 Opening party @ Moxy Hotel (London, UK) 2016/04 Art Exchange @ Candida Trust Gallery (London, UK) 2015/08 Interfaces @ Barbican Centre (London, UK)

Display Options

The installation can be presented in a variety of display systems and sizes that adapt to the requirements of different spaces. Our default option is an LCD screen, but we can build larger displays using projectors or LED modules, and it’s also possible to use multiple tracking systems.