A video exploration of radical body transformation inspired by deep sea creatures.

This Research and Development project explored the possibilities of distorting and transforming the human body into something non-human, using lighting, technology, SFX make up and wearable art. It was inspired by otherworldly deep sea creatures and their bioluminescence.

2020/11 Digital Weekender Watermans Arts Centre (London, UK) 2019/05 Art in Flux Lights of Soho Gallery (London, UK) 2017/10 Tribe 17 Oxo Tower (London, UK) 2015/11 Modern Panic Guerilla Zoo (London, UK)

Direction Maria Almena Tech. direction Nestor Rubio Sound design Jose Macabra Costume design Nura Catalan, Susana Rodero, Maria Almena SFX MUA Susana Rodero Videographer Elena Lopez-Brea Photographer Dasa Raimanova Performers Gaffy Gaffiero, Leffe Krumlove