We design characters and costumes for performative experiences.

Our characters and costumes complement and enhance the concept behind our experiences and performances. We incorporate lights and sensors into our costumes to ensure unique and interactive experiences. Our bespoke pieces can be programmed to react to external inputs such as sound, or controlled by the wearer through our signature interactive gloves.

2019/12 NYE party @ Sketch Restaurant (London, UK) 2019/01 Galaxy Station Opening @ Amigo Productions (Switzerland, SW) 2018/05 NOT I Theatre Production @ Battersea Arts Centre (London, UK) 2017/01 Oceanic Global @ The Minx Productions (Ibiza, ESP) 2016/01 St John's Hospital Campaign @ Golin Agency (London, UK) 2015/05 Trash City @ Glastonbury Festival (Pilton, UK) 2014/03 Chocolate Museum Campaign @ Stink Productions (London, UK)

Character designers Maria Almena and Susana Rodero Electronics Nestor Rubio Costume Makers Britt Foe, Nura Catalan, Ele de Luis and Violeta Emperador Performers Chiqui Love, Leffe Krumlove, Tania Soubry, Britt Foe, Assia Ghendir, Maria Almena and Barbara Pugliese