A collection of commissioned shows using our reactive projection mapping software.

As pioneers in body tracking technology for live performance in the UK, we’ve developed a radically original style. Over the years, we’ve become experts in integrating interactive technology into live dance to create bespoke body mapping shows.

Our shows are an electric combination of cutting-edge body tracking technology, immersive generative visuals, interactive lighting, immersive sounds, extraordinary character design and striking choreography. Each show is unique and designed to surprise and mesmerise audiences.

2021/10 Halloween Experience @ The Mandrake Hotel (London, UK) 2020/11 Digital Weekender Festival @ Watermans Arts Centre (London, UK) 2019/11 Winter Ball @ Lansdowne Members Club (London, UK) 2019/04 Club Launch @ Werewolf Piccadilly (London, UK) 2018/11 Hatch Opening Launch @ Indigloo Productions (Manchester, UK) 2018/06 Open House Launch @ Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, ESP) 2017/11 Christmas Party @ Story Hotel (Seychelles, SE) 2017/11 Illuminate @ Bamboo Productions (London, UK) 2017/05 Moxy Hotel Launch @ Marriott (London, UK) 2016/12 Christmas Party @ TG Productions (Ibiza, SP) 2016/06 Unfairground @ Glastonbury Festival (Glastonbury, UK) 2015/10 Villa Private Party @ The Shop Ibiza (Ibiza, SP) 2015/10 Christmas Party @ Nissan (London, UK) 2014/02 Members Club Launch Party @ MTV (Moscow, RS) 2014/11 Art Venue Launch @ Roskilde Festival (Roskilde, DA) 2014/05 Old street Venue Launch @ The Trampery (London, UK) 2013/12 NYE Party @ Homehouse Members Club (London, UK) 2013/10 Bishi Album Launch @ Scala Theatre (London, UK)

Performers Bishi, Belen Leroux, Britt Foe, Tania Soubry, Simona Martini & Leffe Krumlove Costume designers Nura Catalan & Maria Almena Make up artists Susana Rodero & Fanny Burgos