An exploration of space, light and otherworldly life through laser wearables, shadow play and other-worldly creatures.

A laser dance show inspired by the void and the outer space, challenging the limits of our perception of the human form through laser sculptures and performance. It was initially commissioned by Boomtown festival, with the last development created for British Council’s closing ceremony at the Athens Science Festival.

2021/09 Velo Product Launch @ Aures London (London, UK) 2020/02 The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi @ Aures London (London, UK) 2019/04 Science Athens Festival @ British Council (Athens, GR) 2018/10 Halloween Experience @ The Mandrake Hotel (London, UK) 2017/010 Halloween Party @ TG Productions (London, Uk) 2016/08 Bang Hai Palace @ Boomtown Festival (Winchester, Uk)

Photographers Jake Davis, Sammy Leigh Character design Maria Almena, Susana Rodero Electronics Nestor Rubio, Sophie Bramley 3D printing Eva Sbariani Performers Jessica Risqué, Barbara Pugliese, Marta Boo, Lolly Adams, Tania Soubry, Byuka, Marc Carberry


We designed and produced all the costume pieces with bespoke electronics and built-in lasers. Developing custom hardware and software, using Arduino, 3D printing, silicone and fibre glass to integrate all the electronics seamlessly into the costumes.