A London-based creative studio designing transformative experiences through performance arts, interactive technology and the human body. We explore consciousness, perception and the sublime, to create new contemporary rituals that inspire interconnectedness and introspection. Our media art installations and performances are a radical interplay of light, motion and emotion, using real-time tracking software centred on the human body.

We work as artists, designers and consultants for both artistic and commercial clients across branding, cultural, video, XR and events. Our practice is shared via lectures and workshops, drawing on the latest scientific and technological discoveries through collaborative academic research.


Our signature experiences offer transformative possibilities to a contemporary audience, inviting them to explore the limits of their bodies, the depths of their imagination and the edges of their subconscious mind. We hide our technologies to enhance the sense of wonder and encourage our audiences to question different realities.

We reclaim the therapeutic power of artistic experience in society’s evolution and recovery. Our evocative storytelling immerses audiences in playful spaces, free to dream and be expressive. We believe in democratising technology, only developing open source software and accessible tools.



The National Gallery / Tate Museum / Instagram / British Council / Marriott Hotels / Barbican Art Centre / Veuve Clicquot / Smirnoff / V&A Museum / Battersea Arts Centre / Nissan / Rich Mix Theatre / Paris Saint Germain / Microsoft / Samsung / MTV / Mandrake Hotel / Reina Sofia Museum / Pepe Jeans / Shanghai Theatre Academy / Jersey Maritime Museum


Arts Council England / Somerset House / Art in Flux / Engage Works Agency / Goldsmith University / Lumen Art Projects / STARS EU / Greenwich University / Espronceda Institute / Central Saint Martins University / Computer Arts Society / The Princess Trust / Sci-Art Exchange