Our exclusive approach to live events engages audience through interactive digital installations, spectacular mapping shows, highly skilled performers and cutting edge character design. We are committed to deliver truly mesmerising results.

We create work for national and international clients across the arts, entertainment, advertisement, music and fashion industries.

Interactive Digital Installations

We create interactive digital installations that engage audiences in movement and play. Our virtual mirrors and interactive surfaces present digitally enhanced motion-sensitive images that invite spectators to freely interact with their own virtual reflection.

Body Projection Mapping Shows

Our live shows are a combination of cutting edge projection technology, unique character design and beautiful choreography. We use our in-house developed software to track and project over moving bodies, allowing us to create content that responds to the performers in real time, delivering magical shows that stand out. Our mapping shows services come in two flavours:

  • Ready made: Theatrical dance shows with a duration between 5 to 15 minutes.The content and design of these shows are completely original, ensuring the uniqueness of each piece.
  • Improvised passes: Several passes of 20 minutes each featuring performances enhanced by our reactive visual system. This is an ideal addition to parties and other musical events that already provide a musical background.
Walkabout Acts

We design walkabout concepts and characters to host and entertain at events. We incorporate wearable technology in the form of light devices into our costume designs, to ensure a magical and exciting side-show experience.


We design and build bespoke wearable lighting and body-sculpture pieces that can be programmed to react to different types of input (such as music or proximity) or be controlled manually with our own developed tech gloves. Our specialities are LED lights and Lasers devices.